USS SD Crewmen's Oral Histories

USS South Dakota (BB-57) was a battleship in the United States Navy from 1942 until 1947. The lead ship of her class, South Dakota was the third ship of the U.S. Navy to be named in honor of the 40th state.

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The USS South Dakota fought gallantly in World War II sea battles in both the Atlantic and Pacific theaters.

In the summer of 2001 the Battleship USS-South Dakota crew members were interviewed by the Center for Western Studies in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.  These interviews are a great contribution to the history of the Battleship USS-South Dakota Memorial and were made possible through a gift from long time the USS Battleship South Dakota supporter Daryl Ferguson who had the foresight to help preserve the stories of the crew for future generations.

These interviews are being made available on the  website with the permission of the Battleship USS-South Dakota Memorial.

Click on the crewman's last name to link to their page to listen to their interviews.

Last Name

First Name



Ackerman Daniel 37:05 Download
Arbiso Gilbert "Gil" 42:47 Download
Arnold Oscar 37:29 Download 





Camp John 46:54 Download 
Conner T. 18:24 Download 
Edwards Thomas 42:44 Download 
Fliszar Joseph 34:08 Download 
Gydos Michael "Mike" 26:41 Download 
Haynes James 19:17 Download 
Helgeson Arlow



Jackson Carl 35:48 Download 


24:17 Download 
Kuczma Lawrence 48:02 Download 
Levine Harvey 39:30 Download 
Lock John 47:39 Download 
Manson, Jr. (Part 1) Spalding 47:16 Download 
Manson, Jr. (Part 2) Spalding 34:22 Download 
Mathews Roger 22:46 Download 
McNeill George 47:25 Download 
Meier Albert 34:47 Download 
Nebes Charles 26:24 Download 
Putnam Stephen 22:43 Download 
Quillin, Jr. Hiram 33:26 Download
Russo Nichola 63:32 Download 
Rutland Lynwood   Download
Shriver Robert Sargent 40:14 Download 
Smith Dwight 19:54 Download 
Stewart Henry 25:35 Download 
Taillie Charles 26:31 Download 
Warner Fredrick 21:14 Download 
Wieland Wilbert "Wille" 25:24 Download 
Workman George 37:18 Download 

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